Our Purpose

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OUR Purpose

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Each other by sharing our stories


And support each other to fulfil our potential by overcoming what is holding us back


How our industry evolves to better serve womenkind - for our mothers, sisters, daughters and granddaughters
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And this is why:

There are many brilliant women working in the pharma and lifesciences industries! Each of us has a story of triumphs, frustrations, beliefs, and people that have held us back or propelled us forward. In our own ways, we are all trying to improve the lives of others and fulfil our potential.

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And yet, despite all the progress made

there’s a long way to go. Whilst there are more women than ever working in our industry, many do not make it to the highest levels.1 At the same time medicine is founded on the assumption that the male body is representative of humans.2 Women can suffer for years misunderstood and poorly treated.3 There is still a lot to do to create a medical system that equally understands and meets the needs of women, as well as men.3 With women shouldering more family responsibilities4 whilst navigating their way up the ranks, it is easy to feel that the challenge is too big for us to take on.

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(3) https://bit.ly/3cUiZvA (4) https://bit.ly/3B0gmjA

That is, unless we
do it together.

Identify what needs
to change and
to make it happen?

What if we come
together to share
our stories and ideas?

How can we ignite
potential? Inspire
possibilities? What
could be possible?

That’s why we have created WiP - Women In Pharma. We want to work with other women, and men, who want to make our industry and medicine work equally for men and women.

We can’t do this alone so please join our Linkedin group:

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