#Beyond Bikini Medicine

Women’s health is not just... 'Bikini Medicine'

#Beyond Bikini Medicine

Women’s health is not just... 'Bikini Medicine'

What is Bikini Medicine and why is it a problem?

Bikini Medicine is the mistaken belief that women’s health only differs from men’s in the parts of the body that a bikini would cover. Of course, reproductive and breast health is critically important and frequently underserved, but women’s health is their whole bodies!

We unconsciously operate within the deep-seated, societal belief, that biological women are ‘smaller men’ with different reproductive organs. Of course, makes no sense when you take a conscious, scientific perspective. After all we know that (almost) every cell in our bodies is (usually) either XX or XY. And our whole bodies are influenced predominantly by testosterone OR oestrogen.

Which means men and women can experience diseases differently and treatments might work differently. #beyondbikinimedicine is simply asking everyone in health and life sciences to ask:

  • Does the disease I’m interested in affect men and women differently?
  • How will we bring this knowledge into our study designs and outcomes?
  • Does the menstrual cycle, hormonal contraception, or the menopause affect the performance of our drug or health solution?

Gendered medicine might be better for men and women – but unless we ask the questions, we’ll never know.

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Big thanks for reading. Bigger thanks for sharing.

Download the Beyond Bikini Medicine White paper and Manifesto

Jam-packed with not-so-fun facts, this is a must-read for anyone who cares about making medicine work better for women and for men. Our manifesto has eight actionable steps for everyone.
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Ideas for action

  1. Play your part: Whenever you see an article related to gender differences in health and medicine, share it on social media tagging #beyondbikinimedicine and #womeninpharma. And better still add it to our opensource database on gendered medicine
  2. Look the part: Get yourself a #beyondbikinimedicine T-shirt from our website and wear it with pride on International Women’s Day and any other relevant days. Funds will help us campaign at all levels, including governmental, to make big systemic changes.
  3. Shape the future: Review our manifesto for the paradigm shift to gender medicine and share your feedback on how we can make it even better. And what one small thing can you do today to nudge your company, and the industry at large, to make this paradigm shift. Many small steps make a marathon.
  4. Partner with us: We can’t do this alone but we can do this together. If you or your company can sponsor our campaign or partner/collaborate with us we’d love to talk. How could this be part of your Environmental Social and Governance, CSR and DE&I leadership?

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